Friday, 18 September 2009


and you know what?
i cannot be bothered.
i have a life to live, and im not going to waste it on fake drama.
omigod guess what fashionista99 said?
theres a massive drama in A-L!
omfg a-l got deleted again!
O-C are soo annoying

i honestly dont give a fuck what the 'drama' is on a virtual website.
not anymore.
i have real friends, and real drama to be in.
i cant believe i wasted nearly a year of my life clicking on topics in A-L.
i cant believe you guys are throwing your lives away and dedicating them to a website where most probably people are lying about who they are, and how they feel.
im not making a new account right now.
hey, maybe i will someday.
but for now im going to be there for my family and my friends.
im going on facebook and msn to talk to my real friends
the friends who i've let down by devoting myself to my online friends.
fuck you.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Animal-Lovers deleted AGAIN

The new owner is emilyjessiebffe [:
Happy now? :O
supeerdoll . ♥

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sorry. :O

Sorry i havent been posting much. Ive been away and at FC [[ :O ]] and stuff. I'll be posting more often. (Y)

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Whats going on between Lilaaa and

wooo i finally managed to make a banner :D

[[ click to enlarge ]]

Kiss arses.

Tara (hapmeby_2) seems to have a kiss arse, FashionMilly. there i was, ready to argue with her in her guestbook when i spotted 2 comments posted by FashionMilly. it seems she wants to suck up to tara simply for popularity? forgive me, if i've got the wrong impression but thats how it seems to me.